Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Write Way to Learn

The perfect kit to give your child a jump start for Back to School! Developed by a Mom, the Write Way to Learn makes it fun and easy for your child to practice their reading, writing, and spelling skills. Each learning card has a pocket so you can add your own personalized photo! Also, included in the kit is an Expo brand learning board and dry erase markers, learning guide and handy travel tote! Great for the trips in the car! Many different themes to choose from: my home, my yard, my animal friends, my toys, my sports, my colors, my numbers, and many more! Plus you choose the learning level (easy, intermediate and challenging), font (print, cursive, sign language) and whether or not you would like to print them at home or have them printed and mailed to you. You can even choose to fully customize your own set with your very own pictures and words!

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