Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cleanoz: Toss the Bulb!

If you were like me, the first time you had to stick a plastic bulb syringe up your newborn's nose, you had a slight panic attack and felt like you might end up sucking out their brain! Yes, I know that is dramatic, but I was really pretty traumatized by it. If only I had owned a Cleanoz, hygienic nasal aspirator kit....

You've got to see this amazing product. The Cleanoz by Ubimed allows you to toss the bulb syringe and clear out that snotty little nose in seconds with no cleaning necessary. The battery operated device comes with disposable nozzle pieces that are easy to change. Suction is provided by a battery powered pump and the whole process is quick and easy. Suction with a syringe bulb can take several "squeezes" leaving your baby screaming mad. It's also easy to leave those yucky germs behind in the syringe if it doesn't get cleaned properly (think 2 am, screaming kid, tired mom). Since the nozzle "reservoirs" are disposable, Cleanoz makes it impossible to spread germs.

Nervous about a product that uses battery powered suction in your favorite little nose? Don't be... Cleanoz has been tested by the best of the best! Check out their awards and see for yourself. You can also watch a video of how it works!

Visit the Cleanoz site today and purchase your new favorite baby must have! Oh, and don't forget to get extra replacement tips.

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