Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sweet Shoes: Make Them For Mommies, PLEASE!

I was recently introduced to Sweet Shoes at the Baby Celebration Event in Los Angeles. Let me just say that their style is super adorable and much more fashionable than the average soft leather baby shoe. Sweet Shoes were created by Swanky Mom Mandi Dana-Panzer of Santa Cruz, CA. Noticing that cute shoes were much easier to find for her daughter than her two younger boys (I feel your pain Mandi, I've got two boys too), she set out to create a hip and edgy line that could fashionably adorn the tootsies of both boys and girls. I am in love with every shoe in the line. A must have for the boys (but would be super cute on girls too... Baby Shiloh Jolie-Pitt wears them) are the skull "slip ons." For girls, I am in love with the Dandelion Sweet Janes, but I have to say if I did have a baby girl, she'd also have one of each of the new Metallic Sweet Janes. I mean metallic orange, green, teal, red, bronze, and silver, HOW FUN! Come on Mandi, make them for mommies, I'd buy!

For more information, visit Sweet Shoes at

To purchase some for your favorite little feet, check out their retailer page.

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