Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's Magic in a Bottle: POOF!

Ok, this has honestly got to be one of the most interesting products I have ever reviewed. I have to say, I never even knew that something like this existed, but I also have to say it's one of the most genius products I've ever seen. What might Poof be? How about the most effective toilet deodorizer on the planet! This tiny little bottle can get rid of the stinkiest smells around. Trust me, I had some pretty stinky people try this out.... It's simple and discreet. A bottle the size of eye drops with a wonderful Japanese Mint smell. A few drops in the toilet before you do your business, and guess what? Your business won't smell! I've used it myself, and I passed some bottles around to some family members who will remain nameless, but if it worked for them, it will work for anyone, I promise! Even my 4 and 6 year old are on board with Poof. The other day, I got my "Mom, please come wipe my butt!" call, and the bathroom smelled all minty. My 4 year old was sitting on the toilet with a big smile and said, "I love Poof." How hilarious is that!?!

You might want to tell Santa that Poof will make a hilarious stocking stuffer for any age. It's funny and functional. What could be a better gift? Visit the Poof site today and rid your bathroom of unwanted stinky visitors!

P.S. I sure wish I had this in my high school & college years, I mean who wants to leave a stinky bathroom behind when you can leave the room smelling like mint!


IE Mommy Blogger said...

Lol...Oh my! I am literally on the floor holding my sides. This is great! Who in the world ever would have thought. I am definitely going to get some of this for my twins ( you can see pictures of them at my blog). Thanks for the tip!

Dana B. said...

I can already think of a few people that could use this. Too funny! :)