Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sponsor: Tano Jewelry - Fabulous Headbands!

Burberry Style Headbands, are hotter than ever and rightfully so. Burberry Headbands can cost $150 and while they are truly beautiful and a status symbol, are designer headbands worth breaking the bank? Tano Jewelry doesn't think so and that is why we offer designer style headbands under $15. Designer inspired headbands are high quality and look virtually identical to the originals. Our customers share testimonials of admirers who can't tell the difference and don't beleive the similarities.

Inspired by original designs, the patterns and materials are similar and they are perfect for the days you don't feel like doing your hair. Scarf headbands are no exception to the celebrity fashion rules. Scarf headbands, are soft, comfortable and affordable. Tano carries Pucci inspired scarf headbands in 3 fabulous colors and with a price tag of $15, you can't go wrong. You will fall in love with your new designer look.

Jelly headbands are another summer craze to hit hollywood. Jellies are light, fun and cost under $8.00! Pick your favorite design and make it your own. Double headbands also come in pucci style designs and are a customer favorite. You are sure to find a design you love, so visit Tano Jewelry and find the perfect summer headband.

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