Monday, May 19, 2008

We're Wild About Wild Waters

The 90 plus degree weather here in California is a sign that can't be missed! Summer is just around the corner and the kids are thirsty...

I recently discovered a fantastic new drink called Wild Waters and it's safe to say it's new the preferred drink around here. I'm not a big juice fan, in fact I still water down juice and my boys are 4 and 6! The poor kids have no idea what full strength even tastes like. I prefer for them to drink water, but they like a little flavor too. What to do, right? Not anymore. Wild Waters are the perfect solution for your thirsty little juice junkies. These all natural waters come in 6 yummy flavors: Kickin' Green Apple, Groovin' Grape, Flippin' Fruit, Twistin' Tropical, Lemon Wave & Freestyle Wild Berry. My boys fight over the Lemonade and Groovin' Grape is their next favorite. The on the go sports cap bottle is perfect for a grab and go drink. With 60% less sugar & calories than leading fruit drinks PLUS added vitamins and minerals, moms will love them, and kids will feel like they're getting a special treat!

We recently had a large birthday party and served Wild Waters to our guests, ages 2-9. They were such a hit, and disappeared before the party was even over. I even caught a few adults with them, for good reason too, they're super tasty!

Wild Waters are available nation wide at stores like Costco, but guess what? You don't even have to leave the house to buy them. You can purchase directly from the site at their online store. Order up a case or two today, and I guarantee Wild Waters will be your new Summertime favorite!

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