Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Girls Night IN with Touchstone Crystal

Looking for something super fun to do with friends and make a little money doing it? Take a peek at Touchstone Crystal, a new party concept, jewelry making! I've always loved jewelry making: I worked in a bead shop for 5 years, I've taken multiple jewelry and metal smithing classes throughout high school and college, and I've taught classes myself too. Needless to say, I've made a few pieces of jewelry in my life.

Since I've been both a student and teacher of jewelry making, I really appreciate the fact that Touchstone has gone above and beyond in making a high quality jewelry kit with easy to follow instructions. What I love about Touchstone is the fact that they have partnered up with Swarovski and use only their crystals. Swarovski is known for their superior quality, adding these with top notch sterling components really makes the Touchstone pieces beautiful. Another fun detail, (it's in the name) is the Touchstone you get to put on your piece when you finish. Each little charm has its own color which represents a group of emotions. Feeling happy? Add a yellow Touchstone, it stands for joy and happiness, optimism, idealism, hope, & friendship. The little Touchstone goes near the clasp, so it's a hidden treasure that really personalizes your piece.

I was able to have my own little party with some friends and we tried out a handful of the Touchstone kits. Everyone had a great time and went home with a fantastic piece of jewelry.

Visit the Touchstone site today and find out how you can become a consultant and "Create Something Beautiful" of your own!

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