Monday, February 04, 2008

Can you Give Smitten?

As an urgent response to the increasingly low reading levels amongst children living in poverty, The Jayneoni Moore Children's Fund is preparing to kick-off Jayneoni's Book Gift which will give the gift of reading to children who have never owned a new book. The number one cause of low reading levels amongst children living in poverty is not having access to books because their parents and schools can't afford them. This is why the foundation is planning to visit elementary schools located in areas hardest hit by poverty and have the lowest reading levels.

The organization has recently found an adorable new book, "Smitten" by David Gordon, which tells the tale of a sock and a mitten who are best friends. They are looking to collect 200 copies of the book and we'd love to help spread the word about this great program. Swanky Moms would love it if our readers would be able to donate a copy or copies of this book to be given to a child in need. Donating the book is as easy as clicking on the highlighted "Smitten" links and purchasing the book on! Your donation is completely tax deductible through the non-profit organization, The Jayneoni Moore Children's Fund.

Giving a book like "Smitten" to a child living in poverty is taking one step closer to ending the global spread of illiteracy.

Please click on the Smitten link and ship books to:
The Jayneoni Moore Children's Fund
269 South Beverly Dr.
Suite 434
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


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