Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Citrus Silver

I love my new necklace from Citrus Silver! It is SO beautiful and has my two boys names engraved on it! It is such an amazing piece of jewelry that can go with anything, from the most formal of occasions to everyday wear! Very chic and stylish! You choose the pendant, chain style and then your personalization! Each letter is individually stamped with steel hand stamps, producing a clear impression on the front of each pendant. All of the pendants from Citrus Silver are sterling silver and made in Canada with high quality materials. Stamp the names or birth dates of children, grandchildren, special family members or even pets! Perfect gift for a new mom/dad, anniversary gift or wedding gift! What a beautiful and meaningful gift for someone you love! Make an impression with Citrus Silver!

Visit www.CitrusSilver.com


Mommy said...

This is great! I am going to have to ask my husband for one for my birthday!

kim gellman said...

I love this. Sign me up. I'll add it to my gift wish list.