Monday, September 24, 2007

Add Some Dazzle to Your Gift Wrap!

Want to have the most spectacular looking present on the gift table? Put your gift in some DazzleWrap, and you will! DazzleWrap is an amazing new creation that lets you bring gift giving to the next level of coolness. DazzleWrap's concept was inspired by paper lanterns, and seriously, it's better than a gift bag. It takes less than 30 seconds to wrap a gift (insert gift, & seal the edge). There's no tape, tissue, or other supplies involved, and the best part of all, the recipient can't peek into the bag until present opening time! DazzleWrap has sturdy handles and comes in over 15 patterns. Each pattern comes in 4 different sizes. Whether it's a holiday, birthday, baby, or "just because" occasion, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your gift. Another must have is the DazzleLite! It's a super cool light that you stick inside the package that makes your gift glow! We recently took a birthday gift to a party that was wrapped in the white DazzleWrap with the DazzleLite inside. It was the talk of the party. Everyone wanted to know what the "mysterious glowing package" was as it changed from blue, to green, to red. SO MUCH FUN! Visit the DazzleWrap site today and take advantage of their sampler packages. Remember, the holidays are right around the corner, I think some glowing packages under the tree might be in order!
Check out DazzleWrap at It’s A Wrap Creations

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