Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Gifted Grasshopper

The Gifted Grasshopper is such a unique and wonderful idea started by two teachers! It is a tote bag full of books ready for giving! Each gift set comes with The Gifted Grasshopper signature tote, a collection of hand-picked books, a bookmark, Gifted Grasshopper glasses, and a plush toy!

You can choose from the appropriate age category and size of your bag (number of books)! They also have party totes for birthday parties which is a fabulous idea and I think any parent and child would be happy receiving one of these instead of regular loot bag! They also have Halloween Themes on right now!

I keep our Gifted Grasshopper tote in our van so that while we are driving around the kids have books to read, and the tote conveniently hangs from the back of the seat, with one of the handles, so they can reach in and grab a book! Everyone can use and appreciate a Gifted Grasshopper tote!

Visit the www.thegiftedgrasshopper.com

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