Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Brushing Your Teeth Never Tasted So Good!!!!

Has your child ever brushed their teeth 3 times in 30 minutes? Today mine did. When my box of Tanner's Tasty Paste arrived, my 5 year old was immediately drawn to the graphics on the tubes. I mean, what's cooler than kids surfing on ice cream cones? And with flavors like "Banilla Bling," "Cha Cha Chocolate," and "Blingsicle," you're sure to please. Who wouldn't want to brush their teeth with their favorite ice cream flavors? The most fabulous thing about Tanner's Tasty Paste is that it's naturally delicious. It is an anti-cavity fluoride toothpaste with no saccharin and no sodium lauryl sulfate. They even have "Baby Bling," which is Fluoride-free and has a mild vanilla ice cream flavor. Tanner's Tasty Paste was created by pediatric dentist, Janelle Holden. Dr. Holden believes that "if children enjoy the flavors of their toothpastes, it is likely they'll brush better and more often. And, if they brush better and more often, they'll have fewer cavities!" Take a ride on the flavor wave, I think she's right! Buy 3 tubes and receive a free Tanner's Tasty Paste G-U-M toothbrush. Pick some up for yourself, I have taken over on my son's Banilla Bling, YUMMY!!! With the holidays coming, think stocking stuffers!!!!!

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