Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Mommy & Daddy Rock!

Here is something fun and totally unique for expecting and new parents! "Mommy & Daddy ROCK" CD 's, Volumes I and II.

Volume I features prenatal songs such as " Hormonal Rage" and "Pickles & Ice Cream". Pregnancy is definatly a time to have a sense of humor and these songs help you see the humor in it all! Plus, they are really catchy tunes which makes for great dancing around the house music!

Volume II features "The First Year" songs including "We Stand in Awe", a song that will bring tears to any parent's eyes. Other fun tracks include, "Day Trippin" and "Nightmare on Diaper Street".

This new, original music is by Jon Harb and former Beach Boy band memeber, Philip Bardowell. Specially created for expecting and new parents, these CD's are both fun and full of helpful advice.

Buy a set today for the next babyshower you attend. Priced at 14.99 each or both for $24.99.

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