Monday, September 04, 2006

Baby Shower Bliss!

When you are a mom it seems that there is always someone you know that is becoming a mom (maybe you again??). To celebrate these joyful occassions, we throw baby showers. Along with the invitations, decorations and favors it is getting a little harder to be original with the theme and favors, isn't it? Everyone has done candy favors, soaps and plants. Are you looking for a new, non-traditional party favor for the next baby shower? Bliss! Weddings Market has the answer.

Bliss! Weddings Market is known for their fantastic and unique wedding favor gifts (a heart shaped coffee scoop?! HOW CUTE!). They offer favors for themed weddings as well including garden weddings, beach weddings, asian weddings, vegas weddings and so much more.

Now they offer unique and fun baby shower favors! Recent great additions to their offerings are the adorable candle favors offered in 3 sweet styles. You can select from a candle with a rocking horse base, candle with rocking horse lid or candle with a teddy bear lid. Each product is available in either pink or blue.

Present your baby shower guests with these adorable candles that they can use over and over again. The prices are very affordable for any shower size! Plus, you'll save on decorating cost as you won't need to decorate the tables too much more once you put these candles at each setting!

Shop Bliss!Weddings Market for your next baby shower (or wedding shower!) party favors! You'll be sure to find something great!

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