Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sharper Image for Mother's AND Father's Day!

OK, so it's a little close to Mother's Day, but some of you may have not gone shopping for your own moms yet, right? Thinking ahead to Father's Day, today I took a trip to The Sharper Image. While looking for my husband, I got distracted by the coolest thing! FLAMELESS wax candles. Before my little ones were born, I LOVED having candles around the house. Kid + flames = bad news. The Sharper Image has pillar candles that are battery powered. They look real, smell great, and are completely safe. You can purchase them online, but there are more choices, colors, and fragrances in store. You can safely bring back the beauty of candles into your home. A great Mother's Day gift! Now, back to Father's Day. My husband LOVES his grill and often complains about the lack of light when grilling at night. I found the PERFECT accessory for him. Check out The Sharper Image LED Grill Light. It attaches to the place of your choice and will brighten up any meal in the making. You've gotta love one stop shopping!

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