Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Must See: Disney's Tangled Hits Theaters Tomorrow!

When I first saw the previews for Disney’s 50th Animated Movie, Tangled, I knew immediately that I had to see it. Neither my husband nor my boys ages 6.5 & 9 were as excited as I was. A princess movie…. Ugh! So, when we were invited to a sneak preview of the film at AMC’s Downtown Disney, everyone went along wishing they were seeing a sneak peek of Disney’s Tron instead. That is until the film started. I can always tell if my boys love a film by the amount of talking during the movie that they do. If they ask me a bunch of random questions about the movie or the age old “Is it almost over?” I know they are not into it. Guess what? Not a word was said by either of them. Just lots of smiles and laughs.

What I really loved about the film was that it was the classic Rapunzel story with a twist. It was not too “princessey” and there was a character for everyone to love. Rapunzel’s spunk was adorable and she was so darn cute to look at. Disney did a great job creating the perfect side kick for Rapunzel too. Pascal the chameleon didn’t talk, but he didn’t need to, his actions spoke louder than words and he was really hilarious. Mother Gothel, Rapunzel’s evil “mother” was a great villain, not too scary, just the right amount of creepy. Flynn Rider is a classic “bad boy” but don’t you worry, Rapunzel straightens him out. Without running anything I will say that the “Snuggly Duckling” pub scene was my favorite part of the movie. I absolutely loved the pub thugs. And to top it off, wait till you meet Maximus the horse. Loved him too.

Honestly, I do think that this is one of best movies Disney has put out alone (in other words, not counting Pixar collaborations) over the past several years. The music is great, the characters are fantastic, and the story is uplifting without too much fluff. It’s a great watch for anyone, so gather the family and forget the Black Friday shopping. Go see Tangled instead!

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