Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pamper Yourself with a Pedi-tote

I am a woman who loves to get manicures and pedicures, but lately with all the news reports, hygiene has become a big concern for me. News reports were talking about how tools were not being cleaned properly and nail fungus and other diseases were being spread. While I trusted my nail salon, I was just never sure enough.

Belle Sorelle Inc. has resolved my worries in style, the Pedi-tote! The Pedi-tote is a fashionable bag with everything you need for a visit to the nail salon. In attempt to meet nail salon hygiene standards many of the items I liked being used in my pedicures have been eliminated and replaced with disposable items that just don't work as well. The Pedi-tote has replaced my ziplock bag of a few personal items that I took with me, and made me the envy of the other ladies in the salon.

The Pedi-tote comes complete with a true long lasting pumice stone, top quality stainless steal tools in a separate carry case, fashionable flip flops, while all being in a perfectly sized carrying drawstring tote. They have even included a key ring clip so you don't have to dig and mess up your manicure looking for your keys! Since bring my Pedi-tote with me to the salon, I have had the best manicures and pedicures I have had in a long time. I attribute them to the quality stainless steal tools and pumice stone. I always had tiny little hangnails after all of my manicures and I thought this was just, my horrible hands, but it was because of the quality of the tools being used by the salon. The stainless steal tools are sharper and of a higher quality than that of what the salon was using. Since bring the Pedi-tote with me, I no longer am having an issue of with hangnails or worry about hygiene!

Belle Sorelle means "beautiful sisters" in Italian. Co-founders Jen and Stacy have been long time friends and believe "a true friendship among women transcends into sisterhood". What a better way to spend time with friends than to get a manicure and pedicure together and bring along your Pedi-tote.

Visit and be the envy in your nail salon with your own Pedi-tote. As a special offer to our readers enter the word "polish" in the "special instructions to
merchant" and they will include a free bottle of nail polish.

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kathryn311 said...

I LOVE my Pedi-tote! I feel so great about bringing my very own tools and polish to my favorite pedi-mani salon! Piece of mind has become Peace of mind! Thank you Belle Sorrell, Inc.