Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pressman Game Feature: Family Fun for Everyone!

Looking for some super fun new games for the game cupboard? Let me introduce you to two that should definitely be on the shelves! Pressman has come out with two new games that will have everyone in the family doing something silly and something smart.

Let's start with the silly! When I first saw Ring Around the Nosy, my immediate reaction was, "Oh, I hope those masks fit on adults..." Well guess what? They do! This game is a hysterical blast and everyone we've played it with has had a ton of fun. Ring Around the Nosy can accommodate up to 4 players. Each player dons a lovely elephant mask, trunk and all. The game board is a square piece of cardboard where you lay your colored rings. Each "elephant" must use only their trunk (pretty tricky and a guaranteed laugh) to pick up their matching colored rings. The first player to pick up all 3 rings is the winner! The game is labeled for ages 5 and up, but we played with some three year olds and just modified the rules, they were able to use 2 fingers to help get the ring on and it worked just fine. The kids don't know it, but I think I might have to bring this game to the next "grown up" party we attend. I can only imagine the hilarity of it after the adults have had a few drinks...

Now for the smart! Rummikub was (and still is) one of my most all time favorite games. I remember playing it with my grandparents, parents, and friends too! Sometimes we'd play game after game for hours. I haven't played in a while, so when I saw Pressman's Rummikub for Kids I got super excited to share it with my boys, ages 5 & 8. This clever edition uses shapes, numbers & colors to help players learn sequencing which will prep them for the "grown up" version of Rummikub. There are 3 levels of play, so you can modify it to fit the needs of your children. This is a great option as my 8 year old needs more of a challenge than my 5 year old. However, if we are all playing together, we can play the "middle" version. Rummikub for Kids can be played with 2-4 players and is labeled ages 4 and up. If you are a Rummikub fan, this is a must have for your family. I love that it's a "thinking" game and really gets the brain going.

Visit the links below to purchase either of these terrific games! OH, and you might want to give Santa a heads up that either of these games would make great holiday gifts.

To purchase Ring Around the Nosy, click HERE.
To purchase Rummikumb for Kids, click HERE.

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