Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Little Jet Set: Making Travel Fun & EASY!

It's that time of the year, a few months until summer, time to plan that family vacation! Maybe you already have your travel plans, a trip to Disneyworld? Family Reunion? Cross country in the motor home? Whatever it is that you are planning, do not leave home without visiting Little Jet Set. This fantastic site caters to the needs of traveling families. From suitcase solutions (you must see the Trunki) to travel friendly toys and sleeping solutions, Little Jet Set is your one stop shop for all of your on the go needs.

I always buy a few "surprise" toys before a vacation, especially when there is an airplane ride involved. There's nothing like the distraction of a new toy. But do you need to be planning a vacation to shop at Little Jet Set? Ummm, No Way! Think car rides to Target and evenings out to dinner (you know those waxy crayons only keep them occupied for about 2 minutes and after 3 minutes, they're broken into 100's of pieces).

When our Automoblox from Little Jet Set arrived, I knew they'd be a boredom buster and immediately put them in my purse for a trip to dinner. They are small, lightweight, and look ultra cool. After ordering some Happy Face Pancakes at IHOP, I busted out the Automoblox and VOILA! Happy Kids = Happy Parents. We had so much fun interchanging all of the parts. My boys were creating all sorts of new vehicles, "double cars", "limos", "mini cars" and more. It was great!

Little Jet Set is genius, visit today and have happy travels always!

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heather said...

fantastic idea! I am going to look into those cars. It looks like a great distration toy.