Friday, March 31, 2006

Bumbo Seat

The Bumbo Seat is a revolutionary new product with world wide patent rights that is loved by moms and babies everywhere. The Bumbo's unique design positions babies comfortably while enabling them to sit up and interact with their surroundings in ways they never could before. Bumbo babies can sit upright all by themselves from as soon as they can hold their head up.

Why you must have a Bumbo Seat:

- The Bumbo Seat's key feature is that it places your baby's bottom at a lower level than the leg openings. This seating position provides excellent support for the lumbar area of the vertebral column
- The Bumbo is lightweight (only about 3 pounds) so it can easily go to grandma's house or anywhere you travel.
- Hygenic coating wipes clean in seconds.
- The front support keeps your baby from sliding forward.
- The Bumbo is soft and comfortable for your baby.
- No straps or fasteners required.
- The Bumbo is made of environmentally friendly polyurethane foam.
- The Bumbo can be used on any solid, level suface.
- Bumbo has a favorable orthopedic effect to assist in the correct spinal development of an infant.

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