Thursday, December 22, 2005

Safe & natural baby powder

As the 'Baby Care' contributor, I look forward to bringing you baby care recipes, tips, and hot products on the market!
More importantly, safe alternatives to some common baby essentials.
First, baby powder. We all love that 'baby powder' smell, and associate it with our yummy new baby all swaddled up and fresh. Unfortunately, powders containing talc have been associated with harming baby's lungs as the talc fibres are so small, they remain airborne.
A happy alternative to talc powders is Arrowroot powder or cornstarch. The cornstarch fibres are more coarse and do not remain in the air like talc fibres do.
A simple and safe concoction that you can create at home is a few scoops of Cornstarch, and a few drops of pure Lavender essential oil. Mix into a shaker jar (even a salt shaker) !
Tip: It is always best to avoid shaking powder directly onto baby's skin. Instead, shake the product into your hand, then apply to baby.
Happy mixing!
For more info on the effects of talc on baby, visit the Children's Health Environmental Coalition

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